Located in Ottawa, Canada, MC Countermeasures Inc. (MC-CM) is a highly innovative electronic warfare (EW) company. MC-CM is focused on designing, developing, and delivering advanced radar, electronic warfare (EW), and electronic countermeasures (ECM) products. Our products are used for radar EW testing, training, and validation requirements including operational support.

MC-CM is a pioneer in predictive ECM receiver technology against PRI and RF agile threat systems. MC-CM predictors are able to successfully identify patterns buried within radar signals. Our predictors have also proven that they can accurately generate false targets both up-range and down-range of the jamming platform for various agility patterns, such as; stagger, jitter, and pulse group wave forms. This innovative technology is leading the way to adaptive countermeasures, which will be the focus of future EW operations.

Integrated Radar EW Test & Training System (IREWTS)
IREWTS is a modular system that allows additional capability to be added so you can be one step ahead of the threats as operations demand.

The Value of IREWTS
IREWTS is MC-CM’s flagship product and it provides value to users by supporting:

  • Comprehensive advanced radar EW/ECM training
  • Ruggedized remote-controlled range test & training
  • Mill-Spec airborne test & training
  • Hardware-in-the-loop radar & receiving testing
  • Pre-mission development & planning
  • Mission recording & playback
  • Post mission analysis & data reduction